Board of Trustees

The Belton ISD Board of Trustees holds regular meetings on the third Monday of each month. The meetings are held at 5 p.m. in the boardroom at the Belton ISD Administration Building (400 N. Wall St., Belton) and are posted and publicized at least three days prior to the meeting.
The next regular monthly meeting of the board will take place on Monday, May 15, 2017.

 Photo of the Belton ISD Board of Trustees

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Photo of Randy Pittenger
Randy Pittenger
Trustee Area 4
Current Term: 2015-2018
Elected 1994
Photo of Mike Cowan
Photo of Sue M Jordan

Mike Cowan
Vice President
Trustee Area 5
Current Term: 2016-2019
Elected 2007

Sue M. Jordan
Trustee Area 3
Current Term: 2016-2019
Elected 2013

Photo of Jason Carothers
Photo of Amanda Winkler
Jason Carothers
Trustee At-Large
Current Term: 2014-2017
Elected 2011
Amanda Winkler
Trustee At-Large
Current Term: 2014-2017
Elected 2011
Photo of Leo Camden Jr.
Photo of Jeff Norwood

Leo Camden, Jr.
Trustee Area 2 
Current Term: 2015-2018
Appointed 2015

Jeff Norwood
Trustee Area 1
Current Term: 2016-2019
Elected 2016