June 1-3 Menus vary by campus.  Please call your Cafeteria Manager for information on the menu of the day. Direct cafeteria phone numbers are listed on the "Contact Us" tab of this web site.
We want to help our kids be healthy - that's why our menus feature fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lowfat milk, meats, and cheeses.
Please click on Lunch Menus below to view selections and Nutrients!  

Elementary School LUNCH, May 

Belton High School Nine LUNCH, May 

Belton New Tech High School LUNCH, May

Belton High School Lunch is served in a food court atmosphere with multiple Serving Lines.  Select a line to view Menus and Nutrients.   

Tiger's Den, May 

B-Town Pizza, May 

Please click on Breakfast Menus below to view selections and Nutrients!

Middle School BREAKFAST, May

Belton High School BREAKFAST, May

Menus are subject to change, due to availability of food.