Middle School Internet Safety Lessons, Fall Lesson
Lesson 1: Playing and Staying Safe Online
Scroll on the page to view the video FOR STUDENTS.
Use the file, Digital Reputation, to ask pertinent questions in the discussion following the video. There are several short scenarios given for you to generate discussion. Use as much as you can. The students do not need the document; it is to guide the discussion. Feel free to project it to the class while you discuss.
Lesson 2: Social Networking
View the videos by going to the link and clicking on Social Networking. The videos Social Networking and Post to Be Private
NOTE: You may download these from the link to minimize issues that arise if you stream the videos from the online site.
Discuss why students use social networking and who would be on their Friends list.
Would they be friends with these people in a face-to-face environment?
Would they trust them with pictures and personal information?
Lesson 3: Cyberbullying--What is it? What do you do?
View Video from HERE.
Discuss theses points:
  • Never respond to harassing or rude comments.
  • Save or print the evidence.
  • Talk to your parents or guardian if you are harassed; get help reporting this to your Internet Service Provider, school, or local law enforcement.
  • Respect others online.
  • Only share your password with your parent or guardian.
  • Change your passwords often.
  • Password protect your cell phone.
  • Use privacy settings to block unwanted messages.
  • Think before posting or sending photos – they could be used to hurt you.
  • Contact the site administrator if someone creates a social networking page in your name.


Lesson 4: Cyberbullying--Real Life Experiences
View both videos. Discuss briefly after each using the teaching tools attached.
You Can't Take it Back -Download Video or View it from HERE.
Broken Friendship-Download Video Here or View it from HERE
Questions and Suggestions for Discussion

Lesson 5: Be Safe on the Web: Social Networks and YouTube
View the videos embedded below. (These have been embedded from YouTube because of questionable content in the sidebar on the YouTube site.This content can pop up at the end of the video. Please be prepared to close your browser at the end of the video. Another option is to use KeepVid (http://keepvid.com/)to download your video and not worry about the information that might show up at the end.)

Internet Danger Video

What happened?

What did she learn?

How did her experience change her behavior online?

YouTube Anti-bullying Video

What can you do if you see something objectionable on YouTube?
What should you do before posting videos of others on YouTube?

How do you make videos private on YouTube?
What are the most important things you have learned from these lessons?