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May 1, 2016

Roadmap to BISD 2025
Dear Big Red Community,
The word is out that our community is a great place to live and raise a family. That is bringing more students to our schools.
In fact, Belton ISD added about 3,500 students over the last decade, and we are projected to grow by a similar amount in the next ten years. As a result, our elementary campuses will be at or near capacity in 2019, middle schools in 2020 and high schools in 2021.
To address the facilities needs that come with fast growth, at our last meeting, the school board adopted the “Roadmap to BISD 2025.” This plan is the result of three years of study and extensive input from parents, educators and other community members. 
It calls for building a new elementary school to open in 2019 and a new comprehensive high school that will open in 2021. It would also repurpose Bhs9, which is currently part of the Belton High School campus, to serve as a middle school again.
We still have many decisions to make including where the new elementary school will be located and what size the new high school will be. We also need to ask voters for their approval to issue bonds to pay for the construction of the new schools.
As we make those decisions, our vision will remain the same:  to be a leader in preparing every student to excel in tomorrow’s world. As Belton ISD grows, we will multiply, not divide, our shared sense of community and the opportunities for our students. That includes continuing to offer unique and varied learning opportunities for our high school students.
For that reason, Belton New Tech High School @ Waskow will keep its current location and distinctive culture. Starting in 2021, the school may share a campus identification number with Belton High School. That would address UIL and transportation issues and could result in some changes to how class rank, academic honors and accountability ratings are calculated. However, Belton New Tech High School @ Waskow students would continue to be able to take athletics, fine arts, and career and technical education classes at Belton High School as well as participating in athletics and other UIL activities there.
We are excited about Belton ISD’s future. With your support, we know that our kids will continue to excel.
On behalf of your Board of Trustees,
Randy Pittenger, President
Belton ISD Board of Trustees

Building on the work of the Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee, the school board held workshops in early 2016 to review updated demographic projections, high school considerations and recommendations for the facilities plan.
To download a presentations, please click on its title above. Some files are large and may take a few minutes to download.


A Fast-Growth School District
Enrollment in Texas public schools grows by an average of about 80,000 students each year, and roughly 65,000 of those students are in just 96 districts. Belton ISD is one of those fast-growth school districts.
In round numbers, from 2001 to 2010, the State of Texas grew by about 20%; Bell County grew by 30%; and Belton ISD grew by 40%.
And this fast growth is projected to continue for the foreseeable future. Today roughly 6,000 new homes are planned in Belton ISD. About 350 new homes will be built in Belton ISD in 2015.
As of Oct. 2015, Belton ISD had 10,864 students. The latest demographic report by Templeton Demographics projects that Belton ISD's enrollment will reach 14,000 students around 2025.
However, even before then, student enrollment will exceed the capacity of Belton ISD's current campuses.
Belton ISD's early childhood school and nine elementary schools can accommodate 5,800 students. More space for elementary students will be needed by about 2019.
Belton ISD's  three middle schools can accommodate 2,916 students, More space for middle school students will be needed by about 2020.
Belton High School and Belton new Tech High School @Waskow can accommodate 3,971 students. More space for high school students will be by about 2021.
 Enrollment & Capacity by Grade Span
Planning for the Future
The Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee played a crucial role in developing the facilities plan that will guide Belton ISD to 2025.
As parents, teachers, business leaders and representatives of the community, committee members helped to articulate the community's shared values and prioritize the district's facilities needs. Through their work, Belton ISD continues to realize its vision of preparing every student to excel in tomorrow's world.
Minutes, presentations, handouts and other materials from the committee's meetings can be found in the box to the right.
After months of study and discussion, the Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee reached the following consensus:
  • Belton ISD is growing.
  • As a result, the district will need a 10th elementary school and a fourth middle school.
  • There will eventually be a second comprehensive high school.
  • The community values the breadth of career and technical education programs available for students.
  • Paying for new facilities will require increasing taxes.

Materials from February 10, 2015
Materials from March 10, 2015



During the fall of 2014, the Belton ISD Board of Trustees held a series of listening sessions to hear from the community. 
These listening sessions were an opportunity for community members to share what matters to them as they consider Belton ISD's future. The sessions were also part of the school board's commitment to an open and inclusive planning process.
Minutes from the listening sessions can be downloaded at the links below.

Community Listening Session Invitation



Since September 2013, the school board has been studying different issues related to facilities needs for the next decade. As part of that process, they have held workshops on the following topics:
July 2014:  Templeton Demographics Build-out Analysis
To download the presentations from the workshops, please click on the name of the workshop above. Some files are large and may take a few minutes to download.
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