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Welcome to the Financial Transparency Section of!

When local residents pay their property taxes or vote to approve a bond issue, they’re trusting us to be good stewards of their tax dollars. It’s a responsibility that we take seriously.

Just one example of that... Since 2010, our board has saved taxpayers $8.7 million in interest payments by refinancing the bonds issued to build our facilities.

This page is another example of our commitment to financial responsibility. I invite to you learn how your tax dollars are providing students with an education that prepares them to excel in tomorrow’s world.


Susan Kincannon, Ed.D.
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Board of Trustees

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Trustee Disclosures
Public Information Act and Open Records  
In accordance with the Public Information Act, anyone may submit a request for documents or other information maintained by Belton ISD. Individuals may submit a request by mail, fax, email or in person. That written request should include enough description and detail about the information requested to enable it to be identified and located.

Please contact Kyle DeBeer, Public Information Officer if you have additional questions regarding Open Records and the Public Information Act at

Fraud Hotline
Belton ISD has established a hotline for allow school district employees and citizens with a way to report suspected fraud by employees, vendors, contractors, or others working with the district. To make a report, email or call (254) 215-4444. 
For additional information regarding Transparency please visit the Comptroller of Texas website.