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Registration for the 2017-18 school year has arrived. Ms. Smith and Mr. Deeken will be in classes starting March 6th to begin the process. Here is a link on the complete registration process. A link to our Secondary Registration booklet is on the left of this page.

The high school counselors, along with Mr. Deeken, will be at SBMS on March 2nd to register the incoming freshmen. We will be working through history classes.
Ms. Smith will be at Sparta, Chisholm Trail and Southwest Elementary schools on March 6th and 7th to register our incoming 6th graders and will also be registering our current 6th graders on March 8th through history classes.
Mr. Deeken will register our current 7th graders on March 9th through history classes. Sound confusing, it is. That's why the attached registration handout is so important. Let us know is you have any questions.bYour counselors are here to help if you have any questions or concerns about your child. Contact Mr. Deeken if your last name begins with the letters A-L. Mr. Deeken can be reached at 254-215-3010. See Ms. Smith if your last name begins with the letters M-Z. Ms. Smith can be reached at 254-215-3011. 
Contact us if you have further questions. 
Vicki and Jim 
Link to our year at a glance. Year at a glance
Here is the link to our district counseling website.
Here is a link to BISD bullying website.
 Jim & Vicki 

James Deeken - Counselor (A-L)
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Vicki Smith - Counselor (M-Z)
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