CIS Site Coordinator
Email: jessica.zaragoza@bisd.net
Phone: 215-3311
My name is Jessica Zaragoza. This is my eighth year working with Communities In Schools (CIS). I was lucky enough to get the chance to work at Miller Heights starting in September 2011.
Below is some information about CIS that will help you better understand this program. 

The goal of CIS is to help students prepare for life by providing programs geared toward educational and personal achievement to enrich academic and social skills. CIS provides six core components to students and their families:                                                                                                                                     
Supportive guidance                                                                                           
Health and human service coordination                                                               
Parent and family involvement                                                                             
Career awareness                                                                                                    
Enrichment activities and experiences                                                                                                                  
Educational enhancement and academic support
Because we realize that every student has different needs, we offer a variety of programs to best serve each student on an individual basis. In addition, CIS may be able to assist with school supplies and provide resource contacts to meet many needs in the family. We hope to be a valuable tool in making your student's learning process a successful and enjoyable one.
CIS programs are fun, creative, student oriented and FREE!