Both state law and board policy require school board trustees, the superintendent and any employee “who exercises discretion in the planning, recommending, selecting or contracting of a vendor” to make a timely disclosure of a conflict of interest. Similarly vendors are required to disclose any relationship with a trustee or an employee, which constitutes a conflict of interest.
The Assistant Superintendent for Student Services and Administration has identified a list of employees who exercise discretion in the planning, recommending, selecting or contracting of vendors. That list can be found here.
Forms to disclose a conflict of interest are available from the Texas Ethics Commission. Employees should file Form CIS with the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services and Administration within seven days of learning of a conflict. Vendors should file Form CIQ with the Director of Purchasing.
Employees can find more information on these disclosure requirements in Board Policy BBFA(Legal) and the Belton ISD Administrative Guidelines.


Date Trustee Name  Form
 6/20/2017  Janet Leigh .
 4/11/2017  Jeff Norwood .
 1/11/2017  Jason Carothers .
 8/6/2012  Jason Carothers .
 8/6/2012  Jason Carothers .

Date Employee Name  Form
 5/3/2016  Timothy Fenton, Network Technician .
 3/3/2016  Teresa Lynch, Administrative Secretary .
 3/3/2016  Susan Kincannon, Superintendent .
 2/8/2016  Jennifer Huffman, Purchasing Assistant .

Date Vendor Name Form
 8/3/2016  Technology for Education .
 4/27/2016  Print IT .
 2/23/2016  Concho Supply, Inc. d.b.a The Parts Depot .
 2/8/2016  Delbert Ashlock d.b.a. Delbert's Wrecker Service .