Physical Education,

In Physical Education, students aquire the knowledge and skills for movement that provide the foundation for enjoyment, continued social development through physical activity, and access to a physically-active lifestyle. The student exhibits a physical lifestyle and understands the relationship between physical activity and health throughout the lifespan.


Our PE goal is to promote children's enjoyment and participation of moderate to vigorous physical activity. We strive to keep the students active over 50% of the time. Classes include C. A. T. C. H., warm-ups, fitness activities and cool down. We teach health, safety and recreational activities. Our special programs include Yo-Yo, inline-skating, bowling, ping-pong and seasonal events.

We are a C. A. T. C. H. Campus!

Coordinated Approach to Children's Health (C.A.T.C.H.) is an activity/movement based educational program that teaches students the importance of aerobic activity and healthy nutrition as it relates to a healthy lifestyle. Students participate in a variety of camouflage fitness activities-games/activities that are fun, but have an element of fitness included as the main focus. Students also learn about healthy snacks and meals, and the need to develope healthy habits now while they are young.