James L. Burrell Elementary


    • Architect: Huckabee
    • Delivery Method: CMAR
    • Contractor: Cloud Construction 


  • Substantially Complete

  • Project Update - May 2024

    James L. Burrell Elementary is located at 8104 Glade Drive in Temple. 

    James L. Burrell Elementary will accommodate 800 students and was designed in accordance with the Belton ISD’s 2022 Educational Specifications, which include design considerations that will enhance the BISD students’ learning experience. In alignment with the 2022 Educational Specifications, James L. Burrell Elementary will include a variety of spaces and furnishings that are diverse, flexible, and adaptable to promote collaborative teaching and learning.

    May 2024 Update: Burrell Elementary opened in January of 2024. The project team is working collaboratively to complete all required project close-out requirements.