• Photograph of Debi Younger

    Debi Younger

    It is my absolute joy and pleasure to join the Sparta family as principal. Professionally, I bring over 25 years of experience in education, and I am passionate about helping and supporting students and staff to ensure they have positive and exceptional learning experiences every day. I constantly strive to create and maintain a culture that instills the values and beliefs of our district that helps move students toward academic achievement, and teachers toward professional success.

    On a more personal note, my husband, Kevin, and I relocated here from South Dakota. I have to say, it is MUCH warmer here! We have two awesome daughters, Jordyn and Jensyn. Jordyn just graduated with her master's degree in music from the Boston Conservatory, and Jensyn will be a senior at Baylor University this fall, where she is majoring in speech pathology. They bring us pure joy and truly are the light of our lives.

    I look forward to meeting you all in the weeks to come, and I want to thank everyone for welcoming me into this beautiful family!

    Phone: 254-215-3600
    Email: debi.younger@bisd.net