• Welcome

    Welcome to the Belton ISD Communications and Community Engagement Department. The goal of our team is to promote shared partnerships of students, parents, schools, community and BISD alumni to include clear, informative, timely, concise communication and recognition of the achievements of all stakeholders.

    Public Information Act Requests

    All requests for public information, including student directory information, must be submitted in writing. Written requests should include enough description and detail to accurately identify and locate the documents requested.

    • By mail or in person to the Communications Office, Belton ISD Administration Building, 400 North Wall Street, Belton, TX 76513
    • By fax to the attention of Elizabeth Cox, Executive Director of Communications and Community Engagement, at 254-215-2001
    • By email to elizabeth.cox@bisd.net   

    General Facts on Public Information Act Requests (Source: 2016 Public Information Handbook - Office of the Attorney General).

    • A governmental body must make a good faith effort to relate a request to information that it holds.
    • A governmental body may ask a requestor to clarify a request for information if the request is unclear.
    • Section 552.222(b) provides that if a large amount of information has been requested, the governmental body may discuss with the requestor how the scope of the request might be narrowed, but the governmental body may not inquire into the purpose for which information will be used.
    • A governmental body may make inquiries of a requestor in order to establish proper identification.
    • It is implicit in several provisions of the Act that it applies only to information already in existence.

    For a review of the entire publication, see the 2018 Public Information Act Handbook.

    Flier/Printed Material Distribution Requests

    Download the request to distribute fliers here.

    District, under policy GKDA(LOCAL), will consider requests to distribute non-school literature and/or information intended for multiple recipients on District premises. Entities or Organizations Approved to Distribute Materials Printed material from entities or organizations will be distributed to students by school staff or sent to parent/guardians through student folders. Entities or organizations are limited to the following:

    • Organizations affiliated with the District. These are limited to the following: PTO/PTA, booster clubs, Belton Educational Enrichment Foundation, and teacher organizations;
    • Entities under contractual agreements* with the District, such as portrait photographers, suppliers of graduation materials, etc.;
    • Local, state or federal governments or governmental agencies;
    • The U.S. Armed Forces Recruiters (to be made available to students only)

    Exception: See “Contest Information” on form. *Contractual agreements do not include facility rental agreements.

    All fliers distributed in Belton ISD must include the following disclaimer printed at the bottom: “Information provided in this flier is the private expression of and does not reflect the endorsement, sponsorship, position, or expression of the Belton Independent School District.”

    • The Request to Distribute Fliers or Printed Material Form and a copy of the final flier complete with disclaimer, should either be faxed to: 254-215-2001 or emailed to: communications@bisd.net, with Flier Distribution Request in the subject line.
    • Fliers for Belton ISD staff will be posted in the campus workroom ONLY. No fliers/materials will be placed in staff boxes.

    Once approved for individual student distribution: Bundle the fliers into groups of 25 and provide the appropriate number of bundles for the total number of students on each campus at least one day in advance of the date to be distributed (Note: Some campuses may choose to distribute only one day per week).

    Please note that the final decision concerning flier distribution and the manner in which fliers are distributed is at the principal’s discretion. Organization whose fliers do not meet distribution guidelines may request directory information through the Communications Department, 215-2082.

    Media Requests

    Any requests from the media throughout the District, including visits to campuses and interviews of students or staff, please contact Elizabeth Cox, Executive Director of Communications and Community Engagement, at 254-215-2082 or email elizabeth.cox@bisd.net. The reporter will receive follow-up communication to make arrangements as needed.

    Campus principals and department directors will coordinate publicity for their campus or department through the District's Communications Department.

    In Case of Inclement Weather

    Sometimes inclement weather requires Belton ISD to delay or cancel classes. When the forecast calls for extreme weather overnight, crews from the district's transportation department begin checking bus routes early in the morning to see if the roads are safe for school buses. Meanwhile, the superintendent checks in with local police departments and other school districts in the area, and the transportation director consults with TXDOT. Based on all this information, a decision is made on whether or not to delay or cancel classes.

    Once a decision has been made, it's shared with parents via email and posted on the district's website at www.bisd.net, Facebook and Twitter. Local television and radio stations are notified.

    Parents can also sign up to receive text message alerts through Skyward Family Access (see instructions).