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    SBMS iPad FAQs

    How much is the insurance fee and can I pay for it now?

    • A user insurance fee of $30.00 must be paid prior to the student receiving the iPad. PayPal is now available for online payment.

    My child has library fines from last year, will that stop him/her from receiving an iPad?

    • Yes, any outstanding fines from last year must also be paid before a device is issued to the student. 

     Can we buy a different iPad cover for my child?

    • No, students must use the district iPad cover for district iPads.

     I have questions concerning iPads at my child's school. Where can I get information?

    • Parents can contact Joshua Essary, Instructional Technology Facilitator at 215-3000.

     What Apps will be on the iPad and who is responsible for purchasing them?

    • The district will purchase student Apps that will be required for class use.