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    2018-19 Meal Prices


    Breakfast: $1.25
    Lunch: $2.65

    Middle School/High School

    Breakfast: $1.50
    Lunch: $2.85

    Food Truck Deluxe Meals
    Lunch: $3.50 
    Reduced-price Meals

    Breakfast: $ .30
    Lunch: $ .40

    Adults/Staff/Visitors/2nd Meals

    Breakfast: $2.50 

    Lunch: $3.75  
    Food Truck Lunch: $4.50 
    Charging Meals
    Federal regulations require Belton ISD to be fiscally responsible for all meal payment account balances.  Thus, we are following the district charge policy with a limit of negative $10.00 at secondary campuses. After the student reaches over the limit, a courtesy meal will be given at breakfast and lunch.
    Charging meals is not permitted during the last two weeks of school.
    Meal Payments:
    1. Check Payments: If paying by check, please write your student's name and ID number (if known) on the memo section of the check.
    2. Cash Payments: If your student is in elementary school and you would like to pay with cash, please send cash in an envelope with the student's name and ID number (if known) written on the outside.
    3. Online Payments: Our online prepayment system is the MySchoolBucks.com system. 
    • The convenience fee per transaction is $1.95.
    • MySchoolBucks has the following payment methods available for use: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or Electronic Check.
    • Parents can setup low balance email alerts in MySchoolBucks or view purchases and account balances.
                                                        My School Bucks  
    If you would like to limit your child's cafeteria purchases, please send a note to the Cafeteria Manager at his or her campus explaining the type of limits you would like set.

    If money is left in your student's account from last school year, it will follow them to the next school year, even if they change schools.
    If you would like a refund of the money left in your student's account, please call our central office at 254-215-2186. We will mail a refund check to your home.