• Doing Business with Belton ISD

    The Belton ISD Purchasing Department encourages and welcomes all vendors to become an BISD vendor. Vendor participation is an extremely important aspect of the entire purchasing process. Prospective vendors are encouraged to register with the Belton ISD. Our intent is to identify vendors who desire to participate in the competitive bid or proposal process. This registration is not intended to add a vendor to an approved vendors list, but to make sure all those that desire to be a part of the process get sent the appropriate invitation to bid or proposal. Vendor approval status is based upon the bid/proposal award per the purchasing guidelines.

    E-Bidding Registration Process

    Vendors who register via the e-Bid process will receive an automated email notification when a bid/proposal opportunity becomes available. Bids and/or proposals will be solicited via e-Bid, therefore, it is important to review the list of commodities and/or services and clearly mark all items supplied by your company during the registration process. There is no fee for utilizing the online bidding system. All bids must be received prior to the due date and time or they will be considered non-responsive. Electronic submission is preferred. Bids received after the due date/time will not be accepted.

    Vendor/Supplier Responsibility

    It will be the sole responsibility of each vendor/supplier to maintain, and keep current, their company's information on our e-Bidding website.  In the event of a contact person name change, address, phone, etc., it will be necessary for the vendor/supplier to edit their company information on the e-bid site. Passwords can be reset by the Belton ISD Purchasing Department at (254) 215-2176. It is understood that all bid notifications will be sent to the e-mail address supplied by the vendor; therefore, in the event of an e-mail address change or ISP change, it is imperative that the vendor information be kept current. Otherwise, bid notifications will never be received by vendor and the opportunity for bid submittal will be lost.

    Register with Belton ISD by clicking here: Bisd.ionwave.net

    Award Notifications

    Award notifications are sent to successful vendors after Board approval, usually the third Monday of each month. Notification of award does not guarantee, nor initiate a purchase. Please maintain and reference your bid number when conducting business with the District. Additional information regarding bids/proposals may be obtained by contacting the Purchasing Department via email at purchasing@bisd.net or by phone at (254) 215-2174.

    Purchase Orders

    Purchases will be made with an authorized Belton ISD purchase order. The purchase order specifies what the District is committing to and ensures that funds are set aside to pay for such commitments. Vendors must assume responsibility for any items/services that are purchased without an authorized Belton ISD purchase order. Do not provide goods/services without a Purchase Order.


    By law the school district has 30 days after receipt of an invoice to present payment.  It is the intent of the school district to pay all invoices as promptly as possible; however, by acceptance of a Belton ISD purchase order you have agreed to the 30 day payment policy.  All invoices are submitted to the Belton ISD Accounts Payable Department via email at accountspayable@bisd.net.

    Belton Independent School District is exempt from all applicable Federal and State Taxes. Tax-exempt information will be furnished upon request.

    Vendor Information

    To all vendors, it is very important that you keep your vendor profile updated in the e-bidding system (IonWave).

    If you need additional assistance with the content on this page, please contact Belton ISD Purchasing Department at (254) 215-2174 or via email at purchasing@bisd.net.




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