• Gifted & Talented Education

    The BISD Gifted & Talented program believes that all students can learn and should be provided with instruction which addresses and meets individual needs. The Gifted and Talented represent a group of students whose learning styles, thinking dimensions and affective needs require instruction and experiences, which go beyond the "regular" curriculum.

    It is the goal of the BISD Gifted and Talented Program to meet the affective needs of students, to provide students with "real-life" alternatives which teach, challenge, and expand knowledge, and to develop independent learners who can question, apply and generate information. 


  • Remisión GT (a través de Project Education)

  • GT Referral (through Project Education)

  • Goals

  • Program Target Area

  • Assessment & Screening

  • Parent Component

  • Teacher Component

  • Advanced Academics Component

  • Determination of Program Eligibility

  • Testing Calendar

  • Transfer Students

  • Furlough from GT Program

  • Exiting from the GT Program