• The purpose of credit by exam is to allow a student to accelerate and earn credit for a particular course or grade without formal instruction. A student must have the approval of the administration and a parent or guardian to take exams for credit.

    The District will offer credit by exam for all academic courses listed in 19 Texas Academic Code (TAC), Ch. 74.3 (b)(2) as well as each subject area listed in 19 TAC Chs. 74.2 and 74.3 (a). In 2019-2020 the district will offer credit by examination during the following windows:

    [2021-2022Dates Needed]

    The District utilizes exams approved by the Texas Education Agency. These exams are purchased from Texas Tech University or the University of Texas at Austin for grades kindergarten through twelfth grades. A teacher observation checklist that measures the mastery of Essential Knowledge and Skills will also be utilized at the kindergarten level. The observation checklist will measure the mastery of Essential Knowledge and Skills a student would be expected to complete to be able to make satisfactory progress in first grade. In courses where completion of projects is a normal expectation for the curriculum of a course, the examinee will also be required to complete those projects.

    Where some Essential Knowledge and Skills cannot be adequately tested by a pencil-and-paper examination, a Teacher Evaluation Form will be used to assess the student performance. The student's current or most recent teacher will complete the form indicating the student's mastery level on the TEKS involved.

    To be accelerated, students must score at least 80% mastery on each examination and on the Teacher Evaluation Form. If the score is less than 80%, the student must wait for the next examination period to apply for re-testing.

    Grades earned through credit by exam are not used when computing a student's Grade Point Average (GPA) or class rank.