• Dyslexia is a disorder which makes it difficult for individuals of average or above average intelligence to read, write, and spell and sometimes to compute, organize, and comprehend material in their native language. It often runs in families and may be caused by naturally occurring brain differences. Many individuals learn to compensate for or practically overcome their weaknesses through proper teaching method and practice.

    Common Signs of Dyslexia

    In grades K-4:

    • Learns the alphabet later
    • Learns letter-sound relationships only with explicit instruction
    • Confuses basic sight words
    • Makes frequent reading & spelling errors
    • has poor or slow handwriting & difficulty copying
    • struggles with reading reducing reading comprehension

    In grades 5-8:

    • continues to transpose letter sequences frequently
    • still reads below grade level
    • requires specific instruction to learn decoding/spelling strategies
    • avoids reading aloud
    • avoids writing compositions
    • comprehends below listening comprehension level

    High School & Adult:

    • avoids reading books independently
    • continues to spell incorrectly
    • avoids writing whenever possible
    • finds unique ways to cope with reading & writing tasks

    At Belton ISD, children may be referred to receive dyslexia services by the Campus Learning Support Team. After a review of the student's STAAR/benchmark data, grades, and other indicators, and with parent permission, students may begin receiving services.

    Parents: If you have questions about your student and dyslexia, please reach out to your students teacher and/or campus counselor.