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  • Contact:

    Head Age Group Coach       Chris Knipp       Christopher.Knipp@bisd.net

    Ages: 4+

    Level: Beginner, tryout required


    Foundations is a group that bridges the gap between Swim Lessons and the first competitive group of the Tiger Shark of Texas, Belton ISD's USA Swim Club. The practices are geared to enhance the skills learned in Swim Lessons, and help develop strokes and endurance to join the Tiger Sharks. Swimmers interested in participating must do an evaluation before participating. Please contact coach Chris to set up an evaluation. Foundations practices for 45 minutes 4 times a week. There are no attendance requirements for this group, but the more an athlete attends, the faster they improve. There is a montly fee to participate in Foundations.

    Practices:          Monday - Thursday          3:45-4:30PM