• Belton New Tech High School @ Waskow 2020 Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you offer Dual Credit courses?

    Yes. Junior and Senior year students have the opportunity to take English, US History, Government/Economics, and College Algebra.

    What AP classes are offered to freshman?

    Freshmen can take AP Human Geography. Sophomores can take AP World History. Juniors can take AP US History, AP Physics, and/or AP English. Seniors can take AP Government and AP Economics, AP English, and/or AP Environmental Science. Other AP courses offered as they fit in student’s schedules are AP Physics C, AP Statistics, AP Calculus, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Psychology, and AP Spanish IV.

    Will I get to be in band, choir, theater, athletics?

    A typical Freshmen schedule will allow for an elective choice. As students complete their graduation requirements, they will have more elective choices. We try to get students into the classes they want, but classes taken at BHS have to be taken back to back as we can only allow one travel time a day in most cases.

    What electives will be offered?

    Students are able to take any elective offered at BHS as long as it fits in their schedule.

    How does my student get from NT to BHS for electives?

    We run 20 shuttles (busses) back and forth each day. We create our bell schedule to allow student time to travel back and forth between campuses.

    Do I have to take Pre-AP English I?

    If a student chooses to attend BNTH@W, they are choosing our delivery method as well as the classes we offer. As a freshman, students must take Pre-AP English I and Pre- AP Biology as there are no on-level options offered in these subjects. Students will also be required to take Spanish as their graduation requirement for two years of foreign language. 

    What if my attendance zone is LBHS?

    If a student’s attendance zone is Lake Belton High School, they can still choose to attend BNTH@W. Students will ride their home bus to LBHS and catch a shuttle to BNTH@W where they will attend their classes. Beginning next school year, BNTH@W will be merged with Belton High School. This means if a student attends BNTH@W, electives they take that are not offered at BNTH@W they will take those electives at BHS. A shuttle will take them to LBHS at the end of the day, so they can catch their home bus.