• Belton ISD Trademarks

    Our brand goes far beyond a logo, typefaces and color palettes. It defines who we are. It’s in every message we send and every personal encounter we experience on behalf of our District. From new hires to our youngest students, our brand is integrated into our daily interactions on behalf of Belton ISD.

     The District protects all District and campus trademarks (including names, logos, mascots and symbols) from unauthorized use. The trademarks are not to be used for personal or commercial purposes, unless by specific authorization from the District.

    Any student organization, parent organization, booster club or other District-affiliated group must seek approval for the use of any District trademark, name, logo, mascot or symbol by completing the Trademark Request Form. Use of any mark without such approval may result in the withdrawal of the District’s permission for such use.
    Complete the following form: Belton ISD Trademark Request Form