Naming District Facilities

  • Names selected for Belton ISD schools or buildings shall be meaningful to students and community members, be a source of pride, and reflect the traditions of Belton ISD.

    The following guidelines, found in Board Policy CW(LOCAL), govern the permanent naming or renaming of new or existing District-owned facilities or portions of facilities and lay out the process for submitting a naming or renaming suggestion.

    Facilities are defined as:

    1. A school campus building;
    2. Rooms within a school building;
    3. Structures related to a school building;
    4. Athletic fields and facilities; and
    5. Any other building or adjacent land area that is the property of the District.
  • Criteria

  • Facility Naming Nomination Form

  • The Board Facilities Committee, in consultation with Superintendent, shall review all nominations and decide whether to;

    1. Move the nomination forward for consideration by the full Board;
    2. Establish a School Name Selection Committee to consider the nomination; or
    3. Take no action and notify the person who submitted the nomination of such action.

    The Board shall have final approval of the naming or renaming of all District-owned facilities or portions of facilities.

    For more information, please review Board Policy CW(LOCAL) or contact the Office of the Assistant Superintendent of Operations at 254-215-2077.