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    Volunteering in Belton ISD

    Belton ISD welcomes and encourages parents, grandparents, family members, and members of the community to become involved in our schools through volunteering. In order to be cleared to volunteer at any district location or district-sponsored event you must pass a criminal background check which will be completed based on the information you submit in your volunteer application.

    A new application must be submitted each school year. Allow up to one week for an application to be processed. Once your application has been processed, you will receive an email confirmation of your clearance to volunteer.

    Volunteer Guidelines

    Report to the front desk and sign in. School personnel must know who is in the building.

    All visitors, including volunteers, at campuses are required to screen through the Raptor system before proceeding past the front office. Wear the badge provided by the school.

    Work under the direction of the school staff. When possible, school staff will match volunteer talents with tasks that are assigned.

    Communicate with staff to ensure clear expectations.

    When volunteering, do not bring children who are not enrolled in the school which you are volunteering.


    All information you are told about a student is confidential. Do not share student information.

    Although a student is free to share confidential information with you, there are certain things that you are required by law to tell a campus administrator:

    • If a student confides that he or she is the victim of sexual, emotional, chemical, or physical abuse, or is considering homicide or suicide, or is involved in any illegal activity, you must notify the student’s principal immediately.
    • Document the information that was reported and to whom it was given.

    Should you have any questions please call 254-215-2067.