Public Comments

  • Public comments time is an opportunity for members of the public to address the Board of Trustees.

    Public comments time is not a back-and-forth discussion with the Board. Under Texas State Law, Board members may not discuss, deliberate, or take action on any matter not properly included in advance on the posted agenda for the meeting. As appropriate, district administrative staff will follow up with you regarding your statements.

    Each participant shall be limited to three (3) minutes, however the presiding officer may make adjustments to public comment procedures when necessary for effective meeting management. No individual shall be given less than one (1) minute to make comments and speakers may not donate their time to other speakers.

    General Guidelines

    • The Board will permit comments on agenda or non-agenda items at Regular Board meetings, but asks that comments pertain to public education issues. Comments at Special Board meetings (including workshops and committee meetings), will be limited to items on the agenda.
    • Individuals may sign up to speak in accordance with District policy BED(LOCAL) and the Board’s Operating Procedures. Forms will be available and should be completed prior to the start of a meeting and provided to the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent.
    • The use of video, slide, or other electronic presentations during public comments is not allowed.
    • Citizens who wish to bring a written statement or support materials, should provide enough copies for the seven Board Members and the Superintendent. Copies must be provided to the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent when signing up to speak.

    Meeting Management

    • When necessary for effective meeting management, adjustments may be made which include changing when public comments occur for non-agenda items and adjusting the time allotted to each speaker.
    • Individuals needing translation services may be allotted additional time in accordance with BED(LEGAL).
    • Participants must be recognized by the presiding officer before speaking and will address the Board from the podium. No speaker will approach the dais.
    • Posters and signs are not allowed at the podium.

    Rules of Order and Decorum

    • Unlawful or disruptive conduct, including interrupting scheduled speakers, speaking out of turn, or interfering with the rights of others, will not be tolerated.
    • If, after at least one warning from the presiding officer, any individual continues to disrupt the meeting by his or her words or actions, the presiding officer may request assistance from law enforcement officials to have the individual removed from the meeting.
    • Notwithstanding, a single outburst or incident may be so disruptive that the individual may be removed without an initial warning.