• Growth and Capacity Projects

    Construction of 2 new elementary schools
    Addition at Southwest Elementary School
    Land for future needs
    Purchase of additional buses
    Expansion of BISD Agricultural facility


  • Safety and Security Projects

    Upgrade secure vestibules, keyless entries, repair/replace intercom system
    Provide for playground fall protection and accessibility upgrades
    Exterior lighting, security cameras, and perimeter fencing



  • Aging and Equitable Facility Projects        

    Delta Program facility - The district’s program which supports students with special needs transitioning to adult independent living and work
    Career and Technical Education/Fine Arts at Belton HS and Belton New Tech HS @Waskow
    Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and roofing - Capital maintenance and repair
    Fine Arts Expansion at Lake Belton Middle School
    Capital improvements and renovations at Belton High School 
    Technology infrastructure




    Devices for students and staff