• Requires design: Yes
    • Architect: VLK Architects
    • Delivery Method: Competitive Sealed Proposal
    • Contractor: T.F. Harper


  • Under Construction

  • Project Update - May 2024

    The 2022 Bond included funding for a facility for the Belton ISD’s Delta program, which supports students with special needs transitioning to adult independent living and work. Since the passage of the 2022 Bond, Belton ISD’s project team has collaborated with stakeholders to identify program requirements for the Delta facility. In addition to core academic spaces, plans for the facility will include a commons area, a food preparation space, an art room, an exercise room, a serving area, a model apartment living space, and a retail space. The 7,000-square-foot facility will be located at the corner of North Birdwell Street and East 3rd Avenue. A groundbreaking for the facility will take place on March 7, 2024.

    May 2024 Update: Site demolition is complete. Work on the building pad and underground utilities is underway. The installation of the concrete foundation and site improvements in preparation for the delivery of the metal building components will follow this. The facility is expected to go vertical in late August or early September 2024. The project remains on schedule for substantial completion in December 2024.