• Safety enhancements funded through the 2022 Bond Election include playground fall protection, safety vestibules, keyless access locks, campus security fencing, Sparta ES pick-up and drop-off renovation, exterior lighting, repair and replace security cameras, bottle refill stations, and intercom system repair or replacement. 

    • Estimated project cost: $6,041,040
    • Requires design: No


  • In Progress

  • Project Update - March 2024

    The 2022 Bond Program included funding for approximately $6 million in safety enhancements, including playground fall protection, safety vestibules, keyless access locks, campus security fencing, and renovations to the Sparta Elementary pickup and drop-off area. Other planned enhancements include exterior lighting and security camera additions and replacements, bottle refill stations, and intercom system repair or replacement.

    Playground safety and accessibility upgrades - Complete
    Safety and accessibility upgrades to elementary and preschool playgrounds began in May and are now complete. Additions include curbed fall protection at each campus playground and increased sidewalk access to playscapes and swings. Additional playground equipment was installed at the Belton Early Childhood School and Tarver Elementary.

    Bond Safety Projects (Updated March 2024): During the summer of 2023, shatter-resistant film was installed at all campuses per TEA Facility Standards. This project was initially funded in the 2022 Bond safety and security items, but additional funding became available through a Texas Education Agency grant, which covered the project's cost.

    Water refill stations and fountains for use at all BISD campuses were purchased in August of 2023 and are being installed across the District.

    Construction of Secure Vestibules will start January 15, 2024, and will wrap up in late July 2024 across fifteen District facilities. All BISD campuses that do not currently have a security vestibule are included in the project. Due to the project's importance, we will begin construction during the school year. All efforts will be made to minimize the impact on instruction and operations on the campus. Due to the unique nature of each project, communication will be sent out to families well before each project. 

    After selecting a contractor to install District-wide access control, we will proceed with the District-wide access control and camera Improvements project totaling $1,6000,000. The project includes the base price of $1,338,957, plus roughly $130,000 worth of negotiated Alternates and a 10% project contingency. Installation of access control and security camera systems will begin this spring and be fully implemented prior to students returning in the fall.