• Requires design: Yes


  • Programming - In Design

  • Project Update - May 2023

    The 2022 Bond included funding for the improvements and renovations at Belton ISD’s Ag Barn. Belton ISD is proud to have an active FFA program, which is the fifth largest FFA program in the state.


    Since the passage of the 2022 Bond, Belton ISD’s project team has collaborated with stakeholders to identify program requirements for the addition so that the district can move forward with the architect approval and design. The program of requirements for the new barn includes space to accommodate up to 80 hogs, 20 poultry and feed storage. The program also includes space for a secure storage area for a tractor/trailer and general operations, and improvements to accommodate additional sheep, goats and cattle. Preliminary plans also include the addition of perimeter fencing to help protect animals from predators.


    The design phase of this project began in January of 2023, and Belton ISD anticipates the project will reach completion prior to the summer of 2024.