Monday "Shout Outs"


  • Today's Monday, "Shout Outs" go to BECS and Southwest Elementary. 
    Both of these schools did an amazing job hosting the Thanksgiving Luncheon for the parents, staff and students! 


  • I want to congratulate Amanda Vaughn on being the new manager for Lakewood Elementary!
    Charter Oaks Elementary created a fruit and cookie platter for their school's administration and teachers to say," Thank you!." 


  • Jessica Razo taught a "Measuring Cup Class" to the Kindergarteners at Sparta Elementary!
    Lake Belton High School received over 150 cafeteria survey responses from their students, a very impressive number!


  • Charter Oaks Elementary & Tarver Elementary both did an AMAZING job serving their students without power last Tuesday. Even a "little" power outage couldn't stop them from feeding the students!


  • Sparta Elementary received a "Shout Out" from Madonna," Thank you for your help with our BECS students. I appreciate your willingness to figure out a way to feed our littlest Saber Kittens when their bus was late and they were hungry!"
    Thank you to our two supervisors, Yolanda and Aydee for all the amazing support they provide to our schools!


  • High Point Elementary received a "Colt Credit" from Mrs. Newberry and it reads,"Your team is doing a fantastic job to get kids through the line so quickly. Thank you for all your hard work!"
    Ken Carpenter, without hesitation, went home to get his lanterns when the power went out at Lakewood Elementary last week. He also helped serve the students on the line!