Returning Student Verification

  • Returning Student Verification for the 2023-24 school year is now open.  
    If your child is currently enrolled in BISD and returning with us for next year, you must log into their Family Access account to begin the verification process for the upcoming school year. This allows you to verify all of your child's data is correct and provide updates for any important information that has changed, such as contact phone numbers, emergency contacts, and student health history. Returning Student Verification students must be completed before students can receive schedules or homeroom teacher assignments for the upcoming school year.

Start Returning Student Verification

  • Step 1: Log into your Skyward Family Access account.

    Use the Forgot your Login/Password link if you do not remember your family access account information.

    Step 2: Click on 2023-2024 Returning Student Verification

    The link will be a button on the top left side of the menu and a link in the middle of the screen.  Click either link to start the verification process for any student in your family who will be returning to the district.  

    Step 3: Complete Each Step of the Process

    On each step, verify the information shown is correct.  If changes are needed, make them as needed. When all data has been verified and/or corrected on a step, click the Complete step button for each step and click Next to go to the next section.   

    You will need to mark each step complete, even if no changes are required or made. 


    Step 4: Submit your Student Verification

    When you have completed each step using the "Complete step" button, a green check mark will appear in the navigation menu, indicating that the step is completed.Complete Each Step of the Process

    When all sections are checked completed, the final step allows you to complete and submit the entire registration for that student.  Make sure you click the button to submit the Returning Student Registration for your student.  You can then return to the home page and complete the steps for each additional returning student in your family.