• BEEF Innovative Teaching Grants

    The Innovative Teaching Grant program is designed to encourage, facilitate and enhance innovative and creative instructional approaches to accomplish district goals and objectives. Amount of the grant awards is dependent upon funds available. (2017 Teacher Grants Awarded $58,777 throughout BISD)

    Persons Eligible to Apply for Grants

    Individuals or teams of individuals employed by Belton ISD who are involved in the instruction of students and related support services benefiting students.

    Eligible Proposals

    Instructional approaches or projects designed to begin in Spring 2019, and which meet the selection criteria.

    Award of Funds

    • Teachers are encouraged to be forward thinking in their applications and may apply for an amount to maximize the best use of resources for the maximum number of students. The number of awards will depend on the funds available from the Belton Educational Enrichment Foundation.
    • Funds must be expended by the end of June within the school year they are awarded. Funds not expended will return to the Foundation.
    • In general, Items purchased with grant funds will remain on the campus where they were awarded should the teacher(s) who applied for the grant move to another campus. However, if a teacher changes campuses, she/he may make a request to the Foundation for the items purchased through the grant to move also.

    Grant Application Due

    * October 20 at midnight for projects to be implemented in Spring 2019

    * Recipients will be notified in December

    Selection of Grant Recipients

    It is the responsibility of the Grant Review Committee, under the guidance of the Belton Educational Enrichment Foundation, to review applications and recommend grant proposals for funding. Selection will be based on the quality of the program and the listed selection criteria, as well as amounts requested, relative to funds available.

    Selection Criteria:

    • The degree to which the proposal addresses the District's goals and/or objectives.
    • The degree to which the proposal addresses a component of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.
    • The degree to which the proposal represents a creative or innovative approach to the accomplishment of objectives. The degree to which sound evaluation procedures are incorporated in the proposal.
    • The degree to which the proposal is clear and logical, including (a) specificity of measurable objectives; (b) clarity of description of instruction procedures, methods or treatments/ and (c) communication of demonstrated need.
    • (For Teacher Enrichment Grants) The benefit of attending or participating in the enrichment activity on classroom instruction.

    Overall Guidelines

    Grant applications must include:

    • A clear, concise organized plan for use of money granted, with specific evaluation steps and criteria.
    • A detailed itemization of all costs and materials.
    • Timeline for implementation and completion.
    • Correct grammar and spelling. The application is a reflection of the professionalism of the staff member(s) submitting the proposal.

    Preference will be given to proposals that:

    • Benefit large numbers of students
    • Are creative programs rather that commercially available packages.
    • Share materials and/or techniques between grades, groups, schools, etc.
    • Incorporate non-district matching funds or community resources.
    • Utilize durable reusable items

    Grants will NOT be awarded for:

    • Salaries (Honorariam), staff travel, food, items that students would keep, and any "unanticipated costs."
    • Costs and items that may be available through district, state or federal funding.
    • Proposals that do not match a specific component of the TEKS.

    Selection Process

    1. The completed application must be electronically submitted using the link below by midnight on October 20th.
    2. Grants must be reviewed and signed by the principal or department director.
    3. The BEEF Programs Committee will score the applications and award points based on a point system.
    4. A Belton Educational Enrichment Foundation Grant Committee will review applications with the assistance of the Belton ISD Curriculum and Instruction and Technology Departments.
    5. Grant applications will be rank ordered and awarded based on available funds.
    6. Successful applicants will be recognized at District events.

    Grant Application Link

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