• Belton Educational Enrichment Foundation Paraprofessional Grants

    The Paraprofessional Continuing Education Grant program through the Belton Educational Enrichment Foundation is designed to assist and encourage BISD paraprofessionals in continuing their education and completing their educational goals.

    Persons Eligible to Apply for Grants:
    Paraprofessionals employed by Belton ISD who are currently pursuing an associate or baccalaureate degree are eligible to apply.

    Eligible Proposals:
    Applicants must identify their educational goals, the college where they are enrolled and a time frame for continuing their education or expected graduation date.
    Award of Funds:
    Applicants may apply for up to $1000 to be dispensed to the college of their choice for the Spring or Summer semester following the award. Funds not used during this time frame revert to the Foundation. Awards are always based on funds available.

    Grant Application Due Dates:
    Application due date is Friday, October 20, 2017
    December 2017, recipients will be notified.
    Selection of Grant Recipients:
    It is the responsibility of the Grant Review Committee, under the guidance of Foundation staff, to review applications and recommend applicants for funding. Selection will be based on the benefit, impact, and need for funds for continuing education.
    Overall Guidelines:
    Grant applications must include:
    *A clear, concise, organized plan for use of the money granted, with timeline for dispersion to the college indicated.
    *Correct grammar and spelling. The application is a reflection of the professionalism desired of the applicant submitting the proposal.
    Selection Process:
    1. The completed application must be electronically submitted using the link below by midnight on October 20th. 
    2.  Applications must be reviewed and signed by the principal or department director.
    3. Digital applications must be submitted by midnight on October 20, 2018. Signed paper applications must be returned to the BEEF office at the BISD Administration  Building by Friday, October 20. 2018
    4.  A BEEF Committee will review applications, rank order, and make awards based on funds available.
    5.  Successful applications will be recognized at District events.
    For more information, contact the BEEF office at 215-2024, or visit the Foundation link from the BISD web site under the About BISD tab.

    Grant Application Link

    The computer program for Academic Works is site managed by Belton ISD. The employees log in to the program using their BISD credentials. If an employee has entered the wrong log in information multiple times, they will be locked out temporarily. They should not be asked to change their password. Please wait an hour and then attempt to log in again.