Financial Services

  • Financial Reporting

    • Budget Planning and Forecasting
    • Tax Rate Planning
    • Federal and State Grants
    • Budget Interpretation
    • Impact Aid
    • Financial Analysis
    • Budget Amendments
    • Financial Reports
    • Training

    Activity Funds

    • Campus Activity Accounts
    • Student Activity Accounts

    Accounts Receivable

    • Deposits
    • Investments
    • Cash In-Flows-Outflows


    • Inventory reconciliation
    • Fixed-Assets

    Impact Aid

    Belton ISD participates in the U.S. Department of Education Impact Aid Program. This program is designed to directly compensate school districts for revenue lost due to the presence of federally owned, tax-exempt property and costs incurred due to “federally connected” students.

    Federal Grants

    The Belton Independent School District has been awarded the following Federal Grants to support different programs across the District. The receives approximately $3.9 million in grant funds that allow Belton ISD to provide supplemental resources and staffing in support of providing high-quality classroom instruction. 


    Belton ISD Bond Rating
    Standard and Poor's Bond Rating
    FITCH Bond Rating