• Payroll Services is responsible for the following areas of the Business Office:


    • Monthly Payroll - Substitute Payroll
    • Biweekly Payroll
    • Other Earnings
    • 403 (b)
    • W-2 Forms
    • W-4 Forms
    • TrueTime
    • AESOP 

    Payroll Information


    • All Professional, Paraprofessional, and Substitute employees are paid one time each month.
    • All Auxiliary employees are paid biweekly every other Friday for the two weeks that were worked prior.


    • Other earnings appear on your regular scheduled paycheck. Other earnings are extra pay other than your normal monthly salary for things such as tutoring, sporting events, supervision, etc. These duties must be clocked in/out if applicable through the TimeClock Plus system. 
    • For questions on compensation for extra duties performed, please contact the person who authorized the other earnings first.  For other questions please contact the payroll department.


    • Mandatory direct deposit to any banking institution in the United States for all employees. Completed forms must be received in our office according to the payroll calendar deadlines to be processed the same month.  Direct Deposit is transmitted to the financial institution on the 25th of each month, unless the 25th falls on a weekend then it would be the day prior.


    • Change of name/address is now done online at the BISD web site under the Staff tab, Forms and Reports, Employee Name & Address Change forms.  The address change will be forwarded to TRS.


    • Calculation percentages for Federal Withholding (based on the W-4 form), Social Security (6.20%), Medicare (1.45%) are based on IRS regulations and tax tables.
    • W-4 forms are available in the Payroll office or can be downloaded from the IRS website at www.irs.gov in the forms and publications site.


    • TRS is deducted from the employee’s gross salary at a rate of 8.35%.  Of that, 7.70% if the retirement portion, which is tax sheltered.  The remaining .65% is the TRS health insurance portion, which is non-refundable. 
    • Request for TRS refund forms are available in the Payroll office or can be downloaded from the TRS website www.trs.state.tx.us.  All TRS refund forms must be notarized.  If you have questions concerning a TRS refund in process, please contact TRS at 1-800-223-8778.
    • If you plan to retire, or have questions concerning any other retirement issues, please call TRS.


    • You may increase, decrease or terminate 403b plans anytime during the year.  You can get the appropriate forms from the Payroll office.  Completed forms must be in our office by the 5th of the month in order to begin the deduction within that month. You may also get the forms from the National Plan Administrator website. http://www.natlplan.com/tsa.html.


    • Child Support, Tax Levies, Student Loans, etc. are garnishments based on court order documents.  These types of garnishments cannot be stopped without a written release from the court/establishment that ordered the garnishment.  Please contact the court/establishment if you feel there is an error.


    At this time we are unable to process any verification of employment submitted by fax, please use the email listed below for this request . For immediate assistance with any payroll related matter, contact Claudia Alba at 254-215-2073.

    • Employment verifications should be requested from the Payroll Department.  Please allow 2-3 days for verifications to be completed

    All payroll related inquiries should be emailed to payroll@bisd.net

Payroll Forms