Counseling & Guidance

  • Professional school counselors are certified/licensed professionals with a master's degree or higher in school counseling or the equivalent, and are uniquely qualified to address the developmental needs of all students.  Professional school counselors deliver a comprehensive school counseling program encouraging all students' academic achievement, personal/social and career development.  The goal of the Belton ISD counseling department is to facilitate the development of today's students into productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow.*

    For more information about the Texas Education Agency's information about the role of school counselors, please visit the site at the link, .

    *Developed with information from the American School Counselors' Association. 
    Key to common acronyms used by school counselors:

    CY - Current school year

    HB 5 - House Bill 5

                  (passed in 2013 Texas Legislative Session, mandated changes to Texas high school                                graduation plans)

    NY - Next or following school year

    PGP - Personal graduation plan

       (intervention plan required for all students identified as at-risk based on state assessment criteria)

    PSC - Post-secondary conference

       (1-to-1 visit with counselor and student about plans during high-school and after graduation)

    TEC - Texas Education Code

2020-2021 High School Course Planning Guide