• More than 900 Belton Independent School District 8th graders are beginning the process this month of preparing for high school in 2019-20 and district personnel will be providing information and guidance to students as they begin the exciting process of exploring careers, selecting endorsements and choosing activities that will help them package a tailored fouryear plan.

    What you need to know:

    1. Know yourself: build self knowledge, explore post-secondary education options, create a plan with your parents and counselor. To help with this first step, all BISD students have an account with Xello. This web-based program helps students discover the unique pathway that’s right for them using an investigative, discovery-based learning process that opens minds to exciting possibilities. As students gain self-knowledge through assessments and reflection, they save careers, schools, programs, and experiences to form a vibrant, visual roadmap that’s easy to update and share. See you school counselor for access to this interactive resource:https://xello.world/en/
    2. Plan on attending one of the three meeting at Belton High School from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. on ALL Dates below:
      1. February 12, 2019             
      2. February 20, 2019
      3. February 21, 2019
    3. Learn more about graduation requirements, endorsement options, career goals, and more. Texas Workforce Commission has also linked endorsements to high-wage, high-skilled, high demand jobs at: https://lmci.state.tx.us/shared/highschoolgradplan.asp
    4. Documents:
      1. Quest for your Student’s Success
      2. Course Planning Guide: 2019-2020 Secondary Course Catalog