• Approved Budget = $149,343,189
  • Adopted tax rate = $1.1517 per $100 assessment
  • The Belton ISD Board of Trustees approved the 2023-2024 budget and tax rate.

    The $149,343,189 budget includes additional funding for new staff, salary increases and rising operational costs.

    The Board of Trustees approved a pay raise in June to continue to recruit and retain staff. The approved compensation plan gave an average 2% increase for teachers, professionals, and administrators. Paraprofessional and auxiliary employees received a $1 per hour increase equating to a 3-8% increase and school nutrition staff received an increase of $2 per hour. In addition, the health plan contribution increased to $410 per month. Substitutes will receive an additional $25 per day this next school year.

    The Board of Trustees also adopted a decreased tax rate for the fifth year in a row. The adopted rate of $1.1517 per $100 of assessed value is comprised of $0.7575 for maintenance and operations and $0.3942 for debt service. This is a 18.54 cent decrease from last year’s tax rate.

Debt Obligation Reporting

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  • According to reports and warnings from the Texas Association of School Boards and the Texas Association of School Business Officials, the publication of detailed information on school district websites containing vendors and amounts paid facilitates perpetrators to create sophisticated phishing schemes which appear legitimate. It remains the mission of Belton ISD to provide current, detailed and transparent information to our taxpayers. Therefore, we are providing the request form below as an expedited pathway for citizens to request the reports. We appreciate your understanding and regret the unnecessary steps should they cause inconvenience. We will promptly send the reports directly to the contact e-mail listed once we verify the validity of the request. 

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