• District mission  

      Goals and Mission

      The Belton ISD goals, mission, and motto are adopted by the Board of Trustees.


      Every Kid a Winner!


      To provide an education that challenges all of our students to excel.


      To be a leader in preparing every student to excel in tomorrow's world.


      Belton ISD will:

      • Implement and monitor well-designed processes, including long-range planning and budgeting, to address future growth, changing student needs, and the maintenance of effective and efficient operations.
      • Achieve success on the State's student achievement and quality of learning indicators to prepare students to live, learn, and lead in an ever-changing global economy.
      • Attract and retain high performing administration, faculty, and staff who reflect the values of the community, serve as positive role models, exhibit moral excellence and are committed to achieving excellence for all students.
      • Sustain safe and supportive schools that provide secure, nurturing, non-threatening, respectful and disciplined learning environments where all members excel and exhibit moral excellence.
      • Promote shared partnerships of students, parents, schools, community and BISD alumni to include clear, informative, timely, concise communication and recognition of the achievements of all stakeholders.
      • Comply with all state and federal guidelines regarding instructional programs, including but not limited to Title I, Special Education, Dyslexia, State Compensatory Education, Bilingual English as a Second Language, Migrant, Career Education and Gifted and Talented Education.

      Instructional Expectations

      • All students understand and can articulate the learning objective in their own words.
      • Students learn knowledge and skills appropriate for their grade level based on the BISD Scope and Sequence Curriculum Guidelines or applicable TEKS.
      • Teachers should consistently check for student knowledge and understanding and extend student responses in a way that elicits further engagement at a higher level of Bloom’s Taxonomy.
      • All students are authentically engaged in learning as demonstrated by active, purposeful participation including meaningful dialogue, close reading, and analytical writing in all content areas.