• District mission  

      Goals and Mission
      The Belton ISD goals, mission, and motto are adopted by the Board of Trustees.

      Every Kid a Winner!

      To provide an education that challenges all of our students to excel.

      To be a leader in preparing every student to excel in tomorrow's world.

      2020-2021 Goals
      Belton ISD will:

      1. Engage the community in setting direction for the future of BISD.

      2. Ensure exceptional learning experiences for each and every student.

      3. Attract, retain, and support a world-class team of employees.

      4. Develop a district-wide culture of value, support, and growth amongst all students and staff.

      5. Maximize our use of resources for both current priorities and plans for the future.

      Instructional Expectations

      • All students understand and can articulate the learning objective in their own words.
      • Students learn knowledge and skills appropriate for their grade level based on the BISD Scope and Sequence Curriculum Guidelines or applicable TEKS.
      • Teachers should consistently check for student knowledge and understanding and extend student responses in a way that elicits further engagement at a higher level of Bloom’s Taxonomy.
      • All students are authentically engaged in learning as demonstrated by active, purposeful participation including meaningful dialogue, close reading, and analytical writing in all content areas.