• Remind Notifications

    Remind Notifications is an easy way to stay up to date on pool updates, maintenance, closings, etc. Choose the program you wish to receive alerts for. There are 3 options to receive notifications: text, app, email. 

    1. To get text notifications, text the group code (denoted by the @ symbol) to 81010 on your cell phone. If a message is sent out, you will receive it as a text message. 

    2. To get mobile app notifications, downlod the Remind Mobile app and create an account. To join a class, tap the line by classes joined and join with the code below (denoted by the @ symbol). If a message is sent out, you will receive it within the app.

    3. To get email notifications, visit and enter the group coe (denoted by the @ symbol) and your email address. If a message is sent out, you will recive an email. 

    Remind Notification Group Codes:

    • Swim Center @swimce

    • Adult Sunrise @sunswim

    • Belton High School Swim @belhisw

    • Lake Belton High School Swim @lakebhssw

    • Belton Middle School Swim @beltmidsw

    Stay up to date with remind for things happening at the swim center and/or other groups!