Flyer Distribution Requests:


    Flyer Distribution Request Form

    District, under policy GKDA(LOCAL), will consider requests to distribute non-school literature and/or information intended for multiple recipients on District premises. Entities or Organizations Approved to Distribute Materials Printed material from entities or organizations will be distributed to students by school staff or sent to parent/guardians through student folders. Entities or organizations are limited to the following:

    • Organizations affiliated with the District. These are limited to the following: PTO/PTA, booster clubs, Belton Educational Enrichment Foundation, and teacher organizations;
    • Entities under contractual agreements* with the District, such as portrait photographers, suppliers of graduation materials, etc.;
    • Local, state or federal governments or governmental agencies;
    • The U.S. Armed Forces Recruiters (to be made available to students only)

    Exception: See “Contest Information” on form. *Contractual agreements do not include facility rental agreements.

    All fliers distributed in Belton ISD must include the following disclaimer printed at the bottom: “Information provided in this flier is the private expression of and does not reflect the endorsement, sponsorship, position, or expression of the Belton Independent School District.”

    • Fliers for Belton ISD staff will be posted in the campus workroom ONLY. No fliers/materials will be placed in staff boxes.
    • Please complete this Flyer Distribution Request Form.

    Once approved for individual student distribution: Bundle the fliers into groups of 25 and provide the appropriate number of bundles for the total number of students on each campus at least one day in advance of the date to be distributed (Note: Some campuses may choose to distribute only one day per week).

    Please note that the final decision concerning flier distribution and the manner in which fliers are distributed is at the principal’s discretion. Organization whose fliers do not meet distribution guidelines may request directory information through the Communications Department, or phone: 254-215-2067.