Guidelines Overview:

  • Purchasing Services is responsible for the procurement of the supplies, materials, equipment and services that are necessary for our schools and offices to function efficiently.  The Purchasing Department facilitates vendor registration and maintenance, coordinates all bidding for the district, purchases for new school openings and guarantees legal compliance of district purchases.


    An “approved vendor” is a vendor that has been awarded a Bid/Proposal through the BISD competitive procurement process or through an Interlocal Agreement. These vendors may be viewed on the Purchasing Website under the approved vendor list. Approved vendors are preferred because they have competed for business through the competitive procurement process and normally provide greater savings than a non-approved “vendor”.  If unclear from whom to purchase a good or service, please contact the Purchasing Department prior to contacting a vendor.

    Belton ISD has an interlocal agreement with several Purchasing Cooperatives in which can be utilized as a method to procure goods and services.   A list of these cooperatives and links to their websites are listed under Vendor Information.  Some require a login, therefore, you will need to contact Purchasing for assistance.  


    If the vendor is not a District approved vendor, the end user can direct them to the Supplier Registration link via Belton ISD e-Bid system  or direct them to the Purchasing Department.


    Texas Education code Subchapter B, Sec. 44.031

    Without complying with Subsection (1), a school district may purchase an item that is available from only one surce, including:

    • An item for which competition is precluded because of the existence of a patent, copyright, secret process, or monopoly;
    • A film, manuscript, or book;
    • A utility service, including electricity, gas, or water, and
    • A captive replacement part or component for equipment.

    The exceptions provided by Subsection (j) do not apply to mainframe data-processing equipment andperipheral attachments with a singler-item purchase price in excess of $15,000.

    Sole Source Affidavit

    In order to qualify as  a Sole Source vendor, a signed and notarized copy of the BISD Sole Source Affidavit form must be on file in the Belton ISD Purchasing Department.  Sole Source vendors are valid for 2 years from the date of the notarization.