Belton New Tech @Waskow Admission Guidelines

  • BNT@W Enroll


    Admission Requirements

    All students wishing to attend Belton New Tech @Waskow are required to submit an application.

    Admission Process BNT@W

    Application Process

    Round One Legacy and Staff  (opens January 5)

    The first round of applications accepted will be our legacy students. Legacy students are siblings of current and former BNT@W students as well as children of Belton ISD staff members. 

    Out-of-district transfers - For legacy students who are out of the district, please complete the New Tech application as well as the out-of-district transfer application. Approval will be pending approval of out-of-district transfer approval.


    Round Two First-Come, First-Served Enrollment (Opens January 26 until spots filled)

    Submit your application beginning January 26. There are 120 spots available, once we've reached 120 students, a waitlist will be started.

    Multiple parent meetings are available to learn more about our campus. If you would like another date, please contact the school to schedule.

    • Parent Information Meeting & Tour
      January 4
      5 p.m.
      Meet in the library

    • Parent Information Meeting & Campus Showcase
      January 25
      5 p.m.
      Meet in the library

    • Parent Information Meeting & Tour
      February 22
      5 p.m.
      Meet in the library

    • Parent Information Meeting & Tour
      April 11
      5 p.m.
      Meet in the library

    Military Dependents

    Three additional spot per grade level, above the class size numbers, will be reserved for a military-dependent student that is in transition and has transferred to the District after regular enrollment.

    Other Considerations

    • All families will meet with the school prior to acceptance.
    • All students sign a one-year commitment.

    Campus Enrollment Overview

    • Freshmen – 140 students
    • Sophomores – 140 students
    • Juniors – 140 students
    • Seniors – 140 students


    Please refer questions to our campus principal, Kimberly Winters, by email at

    Admission to Belton New Tech @Waskow shall be open to all students on a nondiscriminatory basis, without regard to race, color, national origin, creed, gender, ethnicity, behavior, ancestry, disability or academic achievement, in accordance with the admission policy outlined above. BNT@W shall be nonsectarian and shall not charge tuition for admission to the school.

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