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    Save Evidence: Keep copies 

    or take screen shots of bullying texts,
    emails and other communications.
    Don’t Respond: Do not
    communicate with aggressors.
    If necessary, an adult can
    reply with a strongly worded
    message warning them to stop.
    Report: Tell an adult about
    the incident and, if necessary,
    contact the Web site, Internet
    service provider and/or law
    enforcement officials.
    Block: Guard against future
    bullying by blocking aggressors
    from your social networking
    pages and email, and by 
    changing your email address,
    screen name, phone number
    and passwords as needed.
    Find Supportive Groups:
    Find new online groups and
    games in which the people are 
    friendly, positive and supportive; 
    quit groups in which mean or
    aggressive behavior occurs often. 
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