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    ü Take the SAT and/or ACT...this is a must. These are two different types of tests; some students do better on one than the other. Take them both if possible. If you are on free or reduced lunch, you can take them both for free! See Mrs. Stephens for vouchers.


    ü Keep your grades up! Remember that colleges look at your entire high school academic record when making admissions decisions: what you do in 9th through 11th grade is just as important as what you do as a high school senior.


    ü Attend Mid-Tex College Night at the Bell County Expo Center in September.


    ü Begin writing down all activities, clubs, honors, etc. that you have been involved in during high school. You will need to have this information for the online application and having it written down in front of you is helpful.


    ü Consider college options. Decide what is important to you:  Location?  Curriculum?  Size?  Diversity? Athletics?  Social life?  Cost?


    ü Visit college websites and request information be sent to you as a prospective student.  Make a file to collect this information.


    ü Make college visits to the colleges you are considering. Remember to get the college visit form from your assistant principal.


    ü Sign up for the College Visits on our campus when the Admissions Representative comes to see prospective students.


    ü When you narrow your choices to top five colleges, try to talk to students who go there. Ask questions about what is important to you at a college.


    ü If you are interested in competing in NCAA Division I or II athletics, register at the NCAA Clearinghouse.


    ü Make an effort to be involved in your community or in extra-curricular activities at school.   Join a club, do a service project, sign up for a committee at your church. Admissions officers and scholarship providers will want to see evidence of your leadership and commitment to service when they review your applications next year.


    ü Remember, the Texas Common Application opens August 1! www.applytexas.org