• Demographics and Enrollment

    Elementary and middle schools will be at or near capacity in 2019 and high schools in 2021. Each update provides a more detailed breakdown of the projected growth by campus and grade level.
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    Each year on the last Friday in October, Texas school districts collect enrollment and demographic information on their students. While a district's enrollment fluctuates some throughout the year, this so-called "snapshot" becomes the picture of the district's students for that academic year.

    As of the 2015-2016 snapshot, Belton ISD had 10,864 students, an increase of 324 students from the previous school year.
    Enrollment from 2000 to 2016

    Belton ISD has grown by about 3,500 over the last decade, and experts projected similar growth for the next ten years. More information on how Belton ISD is planning for this fast growth is available in the Roadmap to BISD 2025 section of our website.

    Enrollment 2000 to 2024
    The annual snapshot also captures a variety of demographic information about a district's students, including their ethnicity and participation in student programs.
    Student Ethnicity
    Student Programs
    Student Demographics
    Snapshot profiles of Belton ISD from previous years can be found on the Texas Education Agency's website.