• Belton New Tech
    Students who attend Belton New Tech High School will be expected to complete all state mandated assessments as required by TEA (Texas Education Agency). The scope of the curriculum will be the same used by Belton High School. Teachers will design specific projects according to the state standards (TEKS) in each of their content areas. In addition, teachers will assess student progress throughout each project by using rubrics specifically developed to ensure students are learning what they need to know. Teachers will still use some direct-teach, traditional strategies as part of their scaffolding activities within the scope of the project. Students will participate in quizzes and tests just as they would in a traditional high school. There will be homework as needed, but most of the work is done during class time while students can work with their groups and receive guidance from the teacher.
    Students at Belton New Tech are expected to take bold academic and social risks while learning the same core content taught at any other school in the state of Texas.

    New Tech is designed to graduate students who are confident, knowledgeable, and responsible collaborators who are ready for whatever path they choose. Whether they go to college, start their own business, or enter the workforce directly after high school, they will do so with a strong set of skills to help them be successful.

    Belton New Tech is not a business school and it is not a technical or vocational school. It is a non charter public high school that focuses on engaging students through the use of Project-Based Learning in all subjects. Students simply use technology to complete projects while learning skills they'll need to be self-starting adults in the 21st Century. Some of those skills include, but are not limited to, collaboration, professional work ethic, written communication, oral communication and technology literacy.