Counselor's Corner

    By Nancy Sykes


    Spring break is just around the corner. A time when the Big Red community takes a moment to reset and recharge before the hectic STAAR season begins. Spring break happens at the beginning of the vernal equinox. You know it’s here when days grow longer, and the temperatures

    become warmer. It is also the time of year when wildflowers begin popping up across the state. The anticipation for the coming break is palpable and felt by almost every person connected to education.


    So, I ask how will you use your break? Maybe you decide to catch up on some much-needed spring cleaning or take that little trip you have been planning for a while. Hey, you may decide to do absolutely nothing on your break and that is okay too. Whatever your decision, remember to take a few minutes for yourself. Play, rest, relax, eat some amazing food, breathe, enjoy your family and friends but most of all enjoy your break.