Counselor's Corner
  • Dear Parents and Guardians,


    The BISD Gifted & Talented program believes that all students can learn and should be provided with instruction that addresses the needs of each and every student.

    The BISD Gifted and Talented Program is designed to serve students who exhibit characteristics that indicate general intellectual ability or high ability in a specific domain. General intellectual ability is defined as general intelligence, aptitudes, or abilities to reason, perceive, and understand. Students who are gifted in general intellectual ability are likely to exhibit many of the following traits:

    • Intellectual curiosity

    • Power of critical thinking, skepticism, self-criticism

    • Independence in work and study

    • Creativeness and inventiveness

    • Unusual emotional depth and intensity

    • High expectations of self and others, often leading to feelings of frustration

    • Intensely focused on passions

    • Constantly questions


    If you would like to refer your child for this program, please follow the link below. The referral window will close on October 6th. If your student is already identified as Gifted & Talented in BISD, you do not need to refer them again.


    Referral Link (Open Now through Oct. 6)



    For additional information about the BISD GT program, click here: BISD GT Site.

    Thank You,


    Nancy Sykes

    Professional School Counselor

    Office: (254) 215-3506


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