About Journey of a Graduate

  • Belton ISD is actively engaging stakeholders from all over the Big Red Community in developing a collective vision that articulates our community’s aspirations for every student in Belton ISD. 

    What are the hopes, aspirations, and dreams that our district stakeholders have for our young people?

    What are the skills and mindsets that our children need for success in this rapidly changing and complex world?

    This vision, called Journey of a Graduate, will unite the district with a shared outlook and inform all future decisions. 

    Key Steps in Developing our Journey of a Graduate


    • Build understanding among our district’s leadership, board of trustees and key leaders.
    • Form a design team that will build a sense of urgency and create excitement across the community. This team will include students, district leaders, community stakeholders and business leaders.
    • Community members interested in joining the design team should email communications@bisd.net by November 16 to express interest in joining the design team.


    • Convene the design team to study the implications for our students in light of the changing economy, workplace and society.


    • The design team will draft a prioritized set of competencies, including 21st Century skills, mindsets and literacies. 
    • Draft visuals that convey a compelling story.
    • Discuss this work in the broader community and elicit ideas.


    • Submit recommendations to the Board of Trustees for adoption.
    • Publish and leverage the adopted Journey of a Graduate as the guide for subsequent strategic planning and the design of educational experiences for students.

    Journey of a Graduate Development Process