• Business Services

    The Business Services Office oversees all district finances and the annual budget development process.

    The Mission of the Belton Independent School District Business Office is to efficiently and effectively manage the financial and physical assets of the district to provide the students, staff, and community the resources they need to meet the instructional and performance goals of the district and to ensure fiscal responsibility through compliance with local, state, and federal guidelines.

    Vision & Values:
    It is our vision to be efficient. We define efficiency as utilizing our resources to add value to the District based on benchmark data, continually striving to reduce operating costs and being recognized by independent organizations as financially sound. 

    It is our vision to be collaborative. We define collaboration as communicating information with our team and community in order to make the best decisions and training District staff so that both procedural and input errors are eliminated.

    It is our vision to function in a supportive role. We define support as contributing to a positive campus learning environment, maximizing business function processes, responding to requests in a timely manner and serving as a source of pride for our community. 

    We value transparency. We define transparency as maintaining a website with pertinent information desired by the community in order to foster trust, responding to public information requests and being accurate in all interactions with District personnel and the community.