Welcome to Sparta Counseling

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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Education Masters of Science in Educational Psychology

Welcome to Sparta Counseling

Welcome to the Sparta Counseling Center.  I am very excited to be able to claim the title of counselor at Sparta.  I have been in education my entire life.  Both of my parents are teachers.  My dad is a basketball coach.  I attended my first school function when I was three days old.  We have lost count at how many hours I have spent either being at school, participating at school, and working at school.  Let me just say it is thousands and thousands of hours and be done with the attempt at counting.  Because I have spent so much of my life surrounded by education, I know how significant this community is to the students and families that we serve.  I am thrilled and honored to work with your children daily.  Be assured that the well being of the whole person is valued at Sparta. 

I started my educational career in San Antonio as a middle school teacher.  I taught English and History and was a basketball, volleyball, and track coach.  I taught for seven years and earned my counseling degree during this time.  I began my counseling tenure in Waco, Texas as an elementary counselor.  I have worked in many different school settings as well as community counseling settings.  I have worked with PK (4 year olds) to adults.  I appreciate my varied experiences because I am able to meet people where they are at in their life journey and partner with them where they are going.  It is such an honor to be able to offer support during those times that families need it.   

I believe that a counseling program builds community and relationship within the educational setting.  I strive to form solid relationships with professional staff, students, and parents.  I believe that a foundation of respect is important for a person to have.  If you have respect for yourself and others, then everything else can fall  into place more easily.  My role at Sparta is to facilitate emotional, social, and behavioral learning.  This can be accomplished in several ways:  class setting through guidance lessons, group counseling, lunch bunch time, individual counseling, and family meetings.  I am a strong advocate that everyone has the ability to solve his/her own problems and has the capacity to learn and grow in all areas.  I feel my role on campus is to facilitate what is needed for growth to occur. 

I look forward to working with each of your children.  I am available when needed.  Please feel free to call or email me with concerns, questions, inquires, or anything else you may need  regarding the school day or setting.